3d printer frame

All 3D printers require a durable and sturdy frame.

Build It

Durable Frame and Custom Design

Facilitating 3D Fabrication

The 80/20 T-slot system holds up to repeated use while providing a completely custom solution. It allows you to tailor your frame to your exact requirements and space, with the added benefit of being easy to modify down the road.


T-slot: Creating Precision

Use the T-slot to add your components, such as circuit boards, rollers, nozzles, and extruders, exactly where you need them. The channel provides infinite positioning, while making it simple and straightforward to adjust, as necessary.


Flexible for Expansion

Modularity means you can easily make changes.

Rugged for Repeated Use

Gussets and flat plates create a rigid frame that withstands repetition.

Precise Positioning

Mount components exactly where needed along the T-slot channel.

Make it Level

Leveling feet even out any surface.

PennAir Aluminum Extrusion provides 80/20 aluminum profiles. or bars, that have channels used to connect other bars and parts – for instance: panels, linear bearings, or casters. It is a building system anyone can use to create custom solutions for any industry.

Build your solutions with simple hand tools — no welding required. T-slot profiles are strong and modular, so if you need to make changes it’s not a problem. Adjustments and assembly are straightforward and fast. Here are some basic assembly instructions for common parts.

From planning and design to fabrication and installation, PennAir helps create a customized solution designed to meet your extrusion needs. Our specialists have experience with design software, and access to the latest file resources and educational information.

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